Dah Mansion

 The physical dimension meets the spiritual dimension in Dah Mansion, a quirky 2 player game. Play either as Ralph, a man trying to escape dah mansion by unlocking doors, or as Candice, a ghost whose sole intent is to kill Ralph by unleashing animated books! Made during the 2017 BC Game Jam.



Survival is the name of the game. As Ralph the human, its your job to avoid the ghost and the killer books as you try to find the exit. Conversely, as Candice the ghost your sole purpose is to kill all humans who ever set foot in your mansion!

Light and Shadow

Dah mansion features a unique light mechanic. We all know that ghosts thrive in the dark! Darkened rooms generate spiritual energy that fuel Candice's spectral abilities. Relighting the candles is the only way to deny the ghost this power and disrupt her plans.

The team

Made during the 2017 BC Game Jam by an outstanding group of artists, designers and developers!

  • Quinn Brander (Game and Sound Design)
  • Marc Antoine Desbiens (Game Design, Programming)
  • Rafael Hocevar (Programming)
  • Rahul Kukreja (Programming) 
  • Chingan Lin (Art)
  • Motahareh Pilehvarian (Art) 
  • Sara Tan (Programming)